Our Challenge

ideation.AI was founded by a team of clinicians and technical experts, with a desire to make things easier for clinicians and better for patients in ICU. 

A typical ICU ward can lose up to 149 hours per day across clinical teams as they process raw patient data, leading to an increase in medical errors, or prolonged hospital stay. Currently, every ICU clinician can spend 30 to 40 minutes assessing vital statistics for each patient before they are able to develop a care plan.

As clinicians, we found this unacceptable and we asked ourselves, what if?

Saving time, saving lives.

ideation.AI successfully combines clinical thinking and digital innovation to transform the way ICUs manage patients, decision making and performance.

Through innovation and patient insight, we can provide the same patient data to all caregivers, based on both historical learning and real-time information.

Considering patient data in this way allows better care, prioritisation of patients and individual care plans, and most importantly significant clinical time-saving.

Our AI can transform the way hospitals and ICUs operate, reducing costs, minimising clinical ‘burn out’, as well as driving performance and process improvements.